Artesian Builds Auctions PC Hardware and More After Bankruptcy Filing

After filing for bankruptcy two months ago, Artesian Builds is now auctioning off its inventory in multiple lots via a bankruptcy auction to pay off its debts.

PC systems integrator Artesian Builds filed for bankruptcy two months ago, after a storm of hate stemming from a disastrous stream hosted by CEO Noah Katz. This snowballed into a chain of events that saw the company lose many of its sponsorship partners, in addition to highlighting claims of Artesian Builds doing various questionable transactions within the company.

Announced in a Tweet, Artesian Builds will auction off whatever remains of its inventory in a bid to pay off its debts. The auction is due to begin on June 21, 2022. The tweet lists the official court filing and a link to a Dropbox folder containing official documents. In the Dropbox folder, there is an inventory list for lists.

What is the Artesian Builds auction?

Artesian Builds auctions its own inventory of computer equipment, as well as office supplies such as televisions and office supplies. Divided into three lots, the auction will also feature the Artesian Builds name and brand. However, we wonder if it will be worth it, given the public anger the company has faced over the past four months.

Batch 1 of the dossier relates to their Oakland facility and lists:

  • 45 CPU coolers
  • 43 PCs partially built (in various states of completion)
  • 267 PC cases
  • 28 processors
  • 40 storage drives
  • 427 pc fan packs
  • 35 GPUs (including an RTX 3080)
  • 83 motherboards
  • 62 power supplies
  • 54 RAM Kits
  • Miscellaneous office supplies and equipment

Lot 2 is their Durham facility and lists:

  • 215 CPU coolers
  • 233 PC cases
  • 270 processors
  • 162 storage drives
  • 356 pc fan packs
  • 46 GPUs
  • 258 motherboards
  • 297 power supplies
  • 195 ram kits
  • Miscellaneous office supplies and equipment

Lot #3 lists various business-related items:

  • The trade names ‘Artesian Builds’ and ‘Artesian Future Technology’
  • Artesian Builds and Artesian Future Technology domain names
  • A customer list of 10,000 names, email addresses, and mailing addresses.
  • 1,000 influencer names and email addresses
  • Trademark #90531186
  • $20,500 owed to Artesian by Softgiving

You will not be able to purchase individual items at the Artesian Builds auction, as inventory is only sold in lots. There will no doubt be other systems integrators eyeing what could potentially be a way to get a lot of relatively cheap inventory. Office supplies, though? We’re not so sure.

What about customers?

Artesian Builds currently has a list of hundreds of outstanding orders as part of their closure and bankruptcy. Some customers have successfully recharged their credit cards for unfulfilled goods and services. YouTube Content Creator Rowed vocally expressed his displeasure at finding his own bespoke PC in the images Artesian has released of the inventory being auctioned right now.

It’s sad to see customers left behind, as Artesian itself made very little effort to do anything about their orders before it ceased trading, leaving dozens unemployed and customers without PCs.

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